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    I see your other ticket with same this issue. Our developer @thoai is checking your site problem about this search.

    He will contact right after checked it.



    Is he the same developer who wasted my time and instead of doing his job to fix the code issue he just asked me to update the theme assuming that the issue will be solved by updating the theme?? he could do some little effort and do his job and fix my issue but he just asked me to update the theme.



    I’m sorry for that case.

    I will inform him again about the issue to check it.



    please update if the developer has solved the problem yet as our partner is complaining


    Yes of course.


    when do you expect this issue to be solved???? it took so long


    Sorry reply late.

    You only set availability for Daily Activity. It will work



    are you serious?? do you really know what you are talking about?? you just wasting my time , what daily activity you are talking about??? it is already put on daily activity. really are you real developer ? you don’t even know what you are talking about and your answer shows that you are playing around. if you did some effort and checked in admin panel which I provided the login and password you will see that it was set as daily activity but still not working. do you want me to get someone from outside to fix the issue and send you the invoice?? want me to spoon feed you ? ok
    go to home page and set search Dubai from 25 to 30 of August. you will see as first attachment there is 19 activities. then go down and click on second page then you up you will wee a new thing appeared called ( clear filter)which shows in second attachment although I didn’t choose any filter. click on clear filter then you will find 23 activities. so the error is that the site itself put a filter which I dunno which on and this result into disappearing of some activities. of course if you really know your work or did some real effort you will see this issue as I saw it and I am not a developer. now you know the issue so please solve it or I get someone else to solve it and claim the fees from your company .

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    Hello Ahmed,

    I’m really apologize to you for any of our answering that get you confuse, just please calm down and pay attention on me.

    Right now, I’m handing your problem. We had checked and got your problem already.

    Please provide us your FTP information (by private) then you can better check all the reasons of this case and give u the solution for that.

    I hope you give me your kinds. Im waiting for for response.


    Miss Thao

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    Please, correct the information to save time for both of us

    Again we can not access

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    Hello Ahamed,

    We have carefully checked and made the quick fixed for you already. Please have double check again and let me know if any result.

    Looking forwards to your response and satisfy.


    Miss Thao

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 39 total)

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