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    We need information on couple of issues.
    1) We want to use manual management of hotel/flight as well as using API. The API configured takes user to their website. We want to display the result in our website. User can redirect to the website of the API for booking, but we want to display the result on our website. We want to display both result(result of manually managed hotel/flight and API result) at the same time using the same search option.

    2) Map does not work. We have updated the API Key, but still does not work.

    3) We want to create custom module. Example: module for local bus operators. Will the map(full and half map) work with this custom data?

    4) Is it possible to use custom taxonomy, custom field in search form? If it works then the list/result will also use the available layout I guess.

    Thank you



    1. TravelPayout has supported display search result in same domain by using whitelable. Our document will show you the way to config it:

    TravelPayout Whitelable

    2. You can try this key: AIzaSyAbiWD8crgFpYN8GEeaL6Qjg0lTpFJgmuk

    3. The Map work with Lat and Long. You can create location with different lat and long for it.

    4. Unluckily, theme only accept the field option that defined in Traveler Settings. It does not allow to use Custom type to search.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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