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    1. Locations Like Hotel Hyatt Centric ETC are coming in Car Transfer(We have Named It Local)
    2. Can’t Find My Car After Search Although I have Added in Location
    3. As we Also Provide Trucks And For That We Will Change default options like Passenger And Luggage to options Related To them. How Can I do that?
    4. Four Default features which are coming above the car image…I like to remove or update them. but Haven’t got the option.
    5. Properties Nearby and Street View mode Are nor related to Car.
    6. In the sidebar of the Car Organized by is coming Which I want to Change.
    7. My Search Form Automatically gets pre-filled with Ahmedabad and that too with time and Zip Code. How Can I Solve This Issue?
    8. It Is Showing Three Options in Comment for Deposit But Amount Based Deposit Not Coming.

    some files I have Attached.

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    Hello There,

    Im sorry for the late reply, cause missing from our team. Please have look at the information:

    1. Sorry that we do not get clear and catch your mentioned on this, please give us more detail.

    2. Please note that, car transfer search form will base on the setting (from-to), please refer attachment. Car rental search by location.

    4. Please turn off this feature by access to Theme setting -> Car Option (photo attachment)

    6. Please let us have a closer look at more like how would you like to change. I had pass this to our Dev to check on this. Please wait fort their response and fixed the issues for you by tomorrow morning.

    One again we are sorry for our late reply. Thank you for your kinds, looking for your confirmation on ( 1 and 6)




    We are developer of shientheme.

    With issue: 3 : Now, Our theme has not option for Provide Trucks. So, You need have a custome our theme. Howver, Other options you do not use. You can translate them to your option.

    With issue: 5 : With car rental, When you settup in theme setting tab location. When we search, This Feature will check it. With car tranfer, Location is set in Journey of tab Price Setting

    With issue 7: Now, Currently the list location in the theme is not set by default for any one location. Catering to customers looking for the right place to look. Fairness with other locations.
    You can also customize the theme to fit your purposes

    With issue 8: We check it and found that feature is miss option Deposit by amount. We will update it in new version.



    1. In-car transfer I have not created any hotel location but they are coming in option….I have Turned off all the options except car Rental And Transfer.
    6. I want to change the term “Organized By” To something like that “Service Provider”.


    Hello There,

    – For point (1), we have 2 solution for you, please refer:

    (1): Please delete all the hotel data in your admin dashboard (this hotel data is in demo data so you need to remove all) to avoid appear in search form.

    Or (2), please give us your FTP information (by private) we will check and fix for you.

    – For point (6), you can manual translate to change the text as you need, please refer here:

    Manual Translation

    I hope it helps and you can done it well, please let us know if any result later.



    Hi, I need your help urgent!!!! There is an issue on my single car page….I think its due to code.
    Issues: Form Not Coming, a fatal error in the location and gap above the header. Something might be broken.

    If It Gets Solved I will Update new Car.



    It Happens to me every time I try to import the demo and maybe because of this some files are broken.


    I have just Updated the theme is it is giving me an error.

    Please Reply ASAP as my site is live.


    any update?



    About wait long time when install demo. Don’t worry.

    It is many data need to import so it need many time to import.

    You should make your site is pass requirement for our theme

    Requirements For Traveler

    About the issue in the car single details.

    It is a small bug of our theme.

    Please give us an FTP account.

    We will quickly fix it for you.


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    We cannot access with FTP account you provide (attach image)

    Please check again

    Note: please make your commit (with ftp account or admin account) is private mode.


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    Please use attched ftp

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