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    Adding WordPress sidebars is normally easy and we were very sure it would be even easier to do because sidebars can be selected straight from the pages in admin. Today we have spent hours trying to add a sidebar on normal pages with the Modern Template and have still not been able to get a sidebar set up.

    We have used the Traveler sidebar settings at pages, we have used the Custom Sidebar plugin and also tried the Easy Sidebar plugin, nothing is working.

    We have searched the Traveler Forum and not found anything which can help us out. Instead, we have found a support post which makes us worried, please see below.


    The modern layout is not allow to build the service layout anymore so you can not use that option to set sidebar for post/page.


    This is the URL to the support post

    We have seen similar replies from Shine Themes on other topics; “Functionalkties, layouts, and settings have been removed from the Modern Layout, how are we than suppose to develop websites in the Modern Theme? Normally a Modern Theme will have many more functionalities and settings, and layout options than an old Theme version, but we are worried that this is not the case.

    Please inform us how we can place sidebars on the right side and also on the left side in the Modern Traveller Theme.

    This is one of the pages where we want to place a sidebar in the right side; https://eflashtours.flashportals.com/cookies/

    Thank you and best regards,



    The modern layout is a fixed version that all the page layout is fixed in the code. You can not use element or page setting to add sidebar for it.


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    If it is a normal page, you can build the page element via visual composer column split that the right column will display sidebar widget.


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    You can refer our document bellow included video to custom style for the theme:

    How to custom color for new modern theme layout?


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    Hello Friend,

    Our Dev has been checked on this and deactivate plugin name “W3 Total Cache” and now its working as well.

    Please double check on this and let us know if any result.


    Miss Thao

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    Hello Miss Thao,

    Thank you for your reply.

    There is a very significant misunderstanding between us. We don’t want the menu items to be orange, blue is fine for us. What we want to do is to have the menu items in a lager font 15px instead of 13px. This is also what our code is showing below. So please help us to get the menu items larger so it is possible to see them better.

    /*Trust Center Menu Font Size*/
    .menu-trust-center-container {
    font-size: 15px;

    Please help us with the font size.

    I wish you a great and relaxed weekend.

    Thank you and best regards,


    Hello There,

    Thank you for your kinds and attention with me. I had passed this to our Dev to look back on this already. Pllease wait for thier confrimation.

    We’re in GMT 7, Your reply may delay on weekend,. please give us your patient. We will get back to you as soon as possible

    Great to serve you. Wish to receive from you an item rating to support us in here:


    Have a sweet weekend!


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