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    Item doesn’t work the way it should

    The item was purchased because the current web support license expired, but when the update was carried out, following all the steps indicated in the documentation to update the theme and its base plugins, everything was damaged.

    In view that it does not work for us, we would be very grateful for the reimbursement of what was paid for this issue, since the article did not work as expected.

    We have uninstalled it

    Thank you



    Please description more details of the problem you have so we can help you check it.



    First of all, to inform you that they are a recurring buyer of themes of envato, I have never returned a topic, but this is an exceptional case, since this website had the support of expired for this topic.

    In view of this, we decided to acquire the theme in order to update it, since it had a lot of time and the author had made many updates.

    We followed all the indications for the update of this topic, but this damaged everything, nothing could be done since it was going to cause us more work than we thought.

    The site is in production, and you can not spend a lot of time updating it, that being said, as the topic does not work as it should for our site, we ask that you please issue a refund of that purchase.



    You should description the details of the problem that you have so i can help you check it better.

    We can not help you more if you just said your site have problem.

    Thank you.


    I already told you that when updating the theme, the design of the website was broken down, damaged, what else do you want me to tell you? I sincerely feel that you are looking for the warranty time to pass so I do not make the refund, if this is so, unfortunately it is a big scam what they are doing to me.

    I already told him that it is not the first time that I have bought a song in a book, I have bought many and I hope to continue buying, unfortunately I will have to see the author first before doing it.

    For the last time, since this site is in production, I’m going to replicate it somewhere else, with another domain and I’m going to mount the update for you to see it, I can not explain what happens because precisely, it’s what I do not know because it’s your code , you are the one who knows where the fault may be and or not.

    I do not thank you because I really feel cheated.

    Today I will have the test site mounted on another server to verify it yourself, and I hope it is enough for you and proceed to make the refund, since I do not intend to spend time to repair something that does not work .



    As i can see, your site still displaying well:


    Which place was broken down so i can help you check and fix it?


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    You install new theme version but you do not update plugin. The traveler code still in old version and WPBakery Visual Composer the same.


    Please check again.


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    That is search result page. If it does not list any content, that mean you do not have any service in that location.

    Please edit one of your service and check on location at location list then check again.

    Also be sure your service have available calendar to book.




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    I can see your post display exactly your image.

    Please description more details of your wishes with that post so i can help better.


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    Wordpress has change a lot of thing beside visual composer so theme must update to make it compatible.

    After update theme/plugin, you should check and config your footer for your site and the search result again by other filter condition.

    The better help if you can provide an admin account of your new site with latest version so i can check.


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