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    I wrote Linh, concerning a bug with the new version, and the WPML translation losing all listings, for activities, tours, etc. waiting on status, no one has responded for a while, meanwhile my client paid for advertising our tours, and the site is broken. Please update quickly and fix buy , let me know how to install the fix thanks


    Linh are you there, i also sent you emails no response for days please my client is not happy



    Because of some issues regarding the preparation of new product release and holiday calendar in a row so may be he lost your email. I will notify him about this.

    Also please provide an admin account and your ftp account so i can help you check and fix that issue.

    Thank you.



    Thank you, I have his personal email, will try again also, he has all the credentials.
    I don’t know how to pass them to you privately.



    We have 2 blue fields at the bottom to user add credentianls. That information are private that only you and our supporter can see it.


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    Please select location for your activity in DE language then check again:


    Please note: remove cache before do it.

    Thank you.


    ok, it worked, for that activity, so now I have to go back to all tours, locations, activities, hotels and reset locations ? wow


    on beta.fundurotours.de I get this error message now in the backend Could not retrieve data.

    I cannot do anything



    You only need run Upgrade Data to update location then you open your service in DE language to select location.

    Why should you use upgrade data feature?



    mostly in plugins, and i have to install a WMPL UPDATE so our sites are down until you fix it


    slowly i am getting it to work, i had to deactivate all plugins.. and then had to delete and reinstall some, not sure what you changed ..
    would not even update plugins that needed updates

    also the new version of WPML we now switched from Beta to Live..
    and it says this

    Your site can run faster

    This version of WPML includes new settings that will help your site run faster. We recommend changing the following settings, which are all available in WPML->Theme and plugins localization:
    Translate strings with ST and don’t load .mo files: Some themes and plugins have huge .mo files that take a long time to load. WPML already knows the strings in these files and loads only the necessary strings to display each page.
    Assume that all texts in PHP strings are in English: Almost all themes and plugins have texts in English. Reducing the check for the string’s language simplifies and shortens the string translation process.

    should we do this, or do we need to load your .mo files, we made many customizations to the .mo files


    Also visit beta.fundurotours.de

    there the maps do not load on the activities page

    You must be logged in to view attached files.

    Also this is not working on other types

    Hotels Rooms http://beta.fundurotours.de/wp-admin/post.php?post=9987&action=edit&lang=de

    All of them must work right !


    also related to your them update the hotel and the hotel rooms gallery of photos no longer work… not sure what it is..

    I have to talk with the company that hired us to do this about all these problems. we really can’t put the project on hold because they are advertising the tours in magazines, radio and tv .. but now things do not work, when the last version they were working

    please copy this message to Lihn as now today I wasted another 9 hours trying to get things to work, and re-add locations on activities for both sites.. and now we almost have to re-do the whole website again, maybe we have to get a new theme from another company..

    we have to have a serious talk

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 280 total)

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