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    Hi Bryan,

    I was just wondering how one does a custom link to a specific tab. For instance if I wanted to do a link to the second tab (the search tours tab) on my site, I would normally just link to http://tothelift.com/#tab-tour13

    However, I think there’s something going on in the theme’s css that’s preventing this from working. When the page loads, it just stays on the first tab.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks so much!



    You can change search tab position in Traveler Settings > Search Options > Display searching tabs > drag and drop the position of each tab.



    Hi Bryan,

    I think I wasn’t clear with my question. I don’t want to change the order of the tabs.

    Instead, I want to set up a link in which the user would land on the page with the search form with the second (or third or fourth) tab selected. The first tab would still be first on the search form – however, it would be unselected.

    Does that make more sense?




    There is no setting to help you do it.

    Thank for your understanding.


    ugh, all right.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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