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    Hi. I have a question – i added some Tour Categories in my tour site, that i want to be able to sort results. My goal is to make somehing like this – https://www.bookyourhunt.com/all-animals .
    I found that i can see any category solo – like this- http://hunting.travel/st_tour_type/fox/ (this is my site) – but WHERE I CAN CHANGE that template? http://hunting.travel/st_tour_type/fox/
    I want it to loo k like http://hunting.travel/search-result-tours-1/ at the very least, to have search and tours.

    That was 1st question.
    2nd – can i somehow load a page with all categories like in this site https://www.bookyourhunt.com/all-animals ?

    3. If neider of above is possible – then how can i create a link for search results – to show category i need?
    For example now it is seems like – http://hunting.travel/search-result-tours-1/# – and i cant copy it .
    Is it will be like http://hunting.travel/search-result-tours-1/?SEARCHBY&cat=2 – i will be able to do it and te seach results will be saved … i hope you get my idea.

    Can you advice me and give instructions? It is pretty basic recuest for tour website – we be able to show categories.



    1.2. Unluckily, traveler theme does not have layout like your example link.

    3. You can refer our document of creating tour search result.

    Tour Search Result

    Your page was built by visual element so please edit your page then copy the shortcode to use in other page.



    I dont see how http://shinetheme.com/documentation/traveler/docs/theme-layout/layouts/tour-search-result/ will help with my point 3 of request?
    I have 90 categories, and i just want a link that i can change ID in – so it open search result with that category selected



    Currently, theme only support that layout for Result page. It can not display like your sample page.

    Thank for your understanding.



    Ok.. can it show same layout but with already selected category that i want?


    Good morning.

    Our result page layout will display all taxonomy of service to filter.



    so – there is no possible way for anyone to show a link with already selected category?


    what if i pay you – can you make it happen?


    You can submit your custom request here https://shinehelp.shinetheme.com/custom-service/ so we will check and help you do it.



    i did, but there is no answer from you for a week now



    I will tell him about your request.



    Hi, still got no answer


    I will tell him again about your email.


Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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