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    When http://sbispat.com/ site is loading, then theme default color is display (dark blue) and after that site color is display (brown)

    Check also attachments for understand the issue.

    Client query as follows:

    1: when loading blue bar appears and then normal maroon bar comes
    2: long maroon divider appearing and the about us subsections are weidly highlighted – pls chk desktop website
    3 : this maroon like

    what is the issue?
    Is it Loading issue or theme issue?
    Please clear.

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    That because you are using custom css code to change theme style.

    Normaly, theme will load default style for theme to display but now, it still load the default style then it realize there are have some custom style so it load it too.

    In that case, theme load 2 time for 2 style: default style first then custom style so it make this issue.



    then what is the solution for this issue?



    You must edit the theme code so there is no custom css code anymore. After that, theme only load default theme style.



    so can i add custom code in themes/steel/assets/css/style.css this file. or can i create new file for custome code in theme files?

    Please suggest.



    There are have a lot of custom css code. You can view inspect element then find the css file to edit.

    My image will show you an example.


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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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