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    With the example given in “https://mixmap.travelerwp.com/st_location/united-states/” my header menu looks different. Here the letters are blank and nothing appears, only when I move the mouse.

    I would like to keep the default as per the attached image.


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    The image is pointer the issue in your localhost.

    Please provide the live site so i can help you check it better.


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    It seems you are using Transparent header for your site.

    Please go to Traveler Settings > Styling Options > select other header/menu style then check again.

    Also don’t forget disable all 3rd plugins to be sure there is no conflict plugin issue.




    I did exactly what I said and it didn’t work. I deactivated all plugins and made the style changes in the “menu” keeping “Select styles of menu (it is default as style 1)”

    how to solve?




    Please try upload other location featured image http://prntscr.com/pe3ky0

    and resize the logo smaller then check again because it making a padding at the top.




    ok, but let me know the dimension, because I’ve tried it on other pages and couldn’t. You had to create a larger dimension for the theme itself to resize.

    Another problem, even if the banner was smaller, the menu letters are white and the original color is #1A2B48

    The current banner is 1350px x 40px



    We are recommend using 1366x768px or 1920x1280px for the image in theme to get best display.




    Ok, as per your recommendation the banner image is 1366x768px and still big and the letters are still blank.

    What is the other wrong recommendation to fix the above itadoi error?




    There are have a code to fix the banner height to 500px:


    You can check it again.




    I’ve tried to lower the height, as you can see in Theme Settings -> Styling Options -> General -> CSS custon but it does not work.

    Already tried to put image with several different sizes, the result is the same. The image is over the menu.

    Banner height does not change the color of the letters, as per styles of menu (it is default as style 1).

    If you check it calmly, Box Model is larger than the values set by styles of menu -> style 1.

    I believe there is a bug in this page template, exactly in the menu, as it does not follow the menu style chosen in Theme Settings -> Styling Options -> Menu



    Hello There,

    Please provide us more detail (photo attachment, admin and FTP account (by private)) … that related with your issues.

    Then our Dev can better check on this and process for you.




    Follows FTP Access

    FTP Login: traveler@cctur.net.br
    Host: http://ftp.cctur.net.br
    FTP & FTPS port: 21
    Password: demo123
    Website: cctur.net.br/server -> this site is under development

    Access to admin panel, above, in this same topic.

    Picture 1 -> This is how the page is currently
    Picture 2 -> this is how i want it to be, site default


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    With issue overflow logo: You can add this code to Theme Settings > Style Options > Custom CSS
    .header .logo img{
    max-width: 100%;
    max-height: 91px;

    With issue header and banner of location: This is our design.


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