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    Please tell me what Location type does, i didnt find any documentation on it.

    And a nother question is how can i group offers from hotels and tours under certain categories, like Last Minute ?


    another problem is that i validated the theme but quick demo still apears: http://cryowork.ro/zemer/



    You can refer our document bellow for location:


    In each service, you can select location like this:

    Tour Location

    Also You can use this css code in Traveler Settings > Styling Options > Custom Css to remove it:

    .demo_changer {display: none; }



    1. In your documentation Locations you cant find anything on Location Type!!! Please read your documentation and then answer.

    2. I asked how i can group hotels and tours in a group or category called Last minute???

    3. You know that code just hides the display but still it loads on the page making it harder to load the pages, this is a very bad practice!!!



    1. Location is just location. There are no any type of it. When you create location, in every service, you can use that location.

    2. The last minute deal display only one post from one service in one time. You can not group other service in it.

    3. We have removed it in next theme version that will be release in this month so if you need, you can open file: \wp-content\themes\traveler\functions.php the follow my image to remove it.


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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