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    I have already check and nothing has changed.

    It has been over 2 weeks now I bought this theme but unfortunately the issues are still there not resolved except waiting and waiting for your rep,y which I feel some auto,attic replies not related correctly.

    Please help me solve it today if not I have to ask Envato for a refund…



    You reply once a day only…so for every reply I have to wait a day without any solution. Normally when u know this issue after a update why r u not resolving it once and for all or at least give some clear instructions…



    Can you reply it is more than two weeks now that you are not able to solve a simple BUG which you already know …


    I have the option tree plugging from the theme installed . it doesn’t show any error. But when i try to update the data the same error which i have attached couple of times the images above is come and none of my older attributes or locations are updated or linked to the new data..

    Its been 14 days now and till date the problem is not solved.




    Did you have any custom code in theme?

    If not, i will upload the new theme from us to check it.



    I have not any custom code . It is just the downloaded code. Please do not delete the database.


    See one more day passed..lousy support your up have , that you cannot t solve one small problem for the last 20 days…

    Don’t write again some sentence and make me wait for another one day.

    Except deleting anyth8ng solve the issue .




    Hello ingbu,
    Pls provicing accoung login admin,

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    You have configured the location settings incorrectly
    Pls setting by guide in here

    Location Settings



    yes i have done the same way and uploaded bulk locations using All WP as suggested by your colleague in another post.

    But the problem here is that after upgrading the Theme now i have to upgrade data if not none of the locations are visible or can be selected while entering a object.

    Infact all the data i had in the old like Hotels, Rentals, Rooms, Attributes ,etc nothing is visible or come ins search nor i am able to edit some parts of it.

    and that is what is giving the error.


    I check your site. And I found that you create many location but you config incorrect.
    Now, You can setup again location. And setting for your service hotel.


    Can you update the DAta in theme settings and provide me the image after success



    Does your locations are show up in the list search as you want?


Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 49 total)

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