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    Hi dears,
    i’ve created an activity, but map in the article is not working.
    I’ve setted correctly the Google API key yet.
    I tryed with chrome and IE but nothing.

    Also I need to disable calendar,price, and some other things that are I don’t need. How can I do?

    Thanks for the answer.

    Exduco Comunicazione



    As i can check your activity here: http://www.joyplannersardegna.it/st_activity/visita-attorno-al-centro-di-budoni/?start=09/21/2017#1480060740422-40bcd694-68e1 and see the map display well.

    Please check again and contact us if you have any problem.



    http://www.joyplannersardegna.it/st_activity/visita-al-museo-di-mamoiada-mamu/#1480060740422-40bcd694-68e1 hi Bryan, in this activity is not working, I donno why.
    I m trying to use another shortcode as you can see. but i prefer to use the st map.

    Also I need to don’t show the price on the top/right, how?
    and I need to edit the words/title of the rewievs. for ex. Superior, etc. where?

    thanks to you



    In my check, your activity display 2 kind of map right now. May be problem caused by cache.

    Please remove all your browser cache then check again.

    Also did you set the price for activity in Price Setting tab?


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    is not cache (i ve purged) problem is that the map doesn’t show the exact place i want to see, because it doesn’t allow me to set in the article (as you see in the attachment 1). is like the javascript is not working…

    i have set the price but i don’t wanna see the price in the right top at all.

    also there are iussues with colors if i see the website from different chrome accounts… as i show in the attachments 2 and 3…

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    Hello exducocomunicazione,
    I have checked your issues. Please provide an admin account so i can help you better.
    Thank you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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