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    You have to convert your special currency like MYR.

    Please check again after i changed it for you.

    After that, you need also convert the other currency.


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    That related to paypal transaction occur. We does not control paypal function.

    You should contact paypal for more details of the money.




    I just said to you before. I already try to do 2 transaction. I think you still don’t understand what I already explain to you before.

    1st case.
    Booking a hotel> use PayPal as payment gateway> transaction successful. What I mean successful is money send from PayPal guest account and money receive to my Paypal account.All transaction occur.

    2nd case.
    Buy a member package from member page> want to use PayPal as payment method but fail.

    Same guest PayPal account to send money and my paypal account for receiving money for both cases, 1st case and 2nd case.

    1st case success.
    2nd case UNSUCCESSFUL.

    It’s mean that my PayPal account dont have any problem. It just problem from the member page because 1st case is success. I assume this.

    So, please help on this matter. I already explain to you before.

    I don’t want to drag anymore on this matter.
    Please reply to me as soon as possible.




    I have checked in our system and it seems a bug.

    We will check and update it right away.

    Thank you.


    Ok, thank you for your action.
    May i know when you can fix the bug?




    We are working to intergrated some API system to theme and update new theme feature so we have not yet offical release schedule.

    Thank you.

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)

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