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    Hi there,

    The theme doesn’t seem to scroll and adjust accordingly on the front page for mobile use?

    Also i would like to know how can i add a tab next to the car, hotel, rental front search box which will direct to the eshop which is connected to woocommerce? Basically next to my free button i want to add a button that will either display the shop under or simply direct to the appropriate page.



    Please description more details of scroll issue on frontpage so i can help you check better.

    Also the search box only allow to display service form search. In order to create the new one, you have to code modify.



    Hi there,

    I tried to view my website from my mobile (Microsoft phone). The front main page .com/home does not show correctly.

    Also if you press the free category you will see that the website resizes under and brings the footer bar up making the picture visible below? Shouldn’t that resize accordingly?


    Both seem ok for now! I corrected something on the front page.


    Good morning.

    Please contact if you have any question so i can help you check it.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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