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    Hello i tried looking into the documentation but i couldnt find any information related to make changes to this section or make the actual form to work…

    Here is the section im talking about.



    Hi Antony Echeagaray,

    It is the default design of the theme.
    Of course, if you want to change it, you can customize it in the footer.php file.
    Follow the path,
    traveler stable templates common footer.php


    Ok but how do i make that mailchimpo form to WORK? i tried on Advanced Options – Mailchimp Shortcode Form, and there i tried with the form action url and that replaced the actual form with that link, so i tried with the whole html form from mailchimp and that gave me the form but i lost the design it had…. so you are telling me this is just a “decorative” footer hardcoded on the php files that CANT be modified unless u go to the actual php file??¿?

    That doesnt make sense at all, is this a really FUNCTIONAL THEME or just a ” recreate our demo ” theme?



    Theme is only supported to load mailchimp form at that footer section. All the form function are default from plugin. You should set up api system of mailchimp to get the subscribed user email.



    Problem is that I added the mailchimp apis as well and that didn’t do anything to that section, the form has no action url, hence why it didn’t work at all…



    The form is only use to collect user subscribe email. There are will not have other function.



    HI, Can you specify the exact location of the footer.php file. As i cannot find it.




    The footer.php is too short.

    Please edit the file and make the search for the text to see it.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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