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    I would like to have the home of traveler single hotel, home 2 as this link> https://travelerwp.com/hotel-single-home-2/
    I do not find in the site version 2.04 the page like model
    Do you have a complete template with the page builder inserts, just to make it easier for the builder layout. We have all other models except home1-2 and 3
    Thanking you in advance



    That is Hotel Alone feature.

    You can config layout in Traveler Settings > Hotel Alone Options.



    Yes I know, but this only configures the top bar of the site and the footer, there is nothing that indicates us as a model the programming of the page with page builder
    it is very difficult for me to reach the result of this link https://travelerwp.com/hotel-single-home-2/ with Alone Feature
    Sincerely, there is nothing that allows us to reach the result of this link, https://travelerwp.com/hotel-single-home-2/ no template page exists, only on Themeforest
    I liked having the code of the complete page


    The https://travelerwp.com/hotel-single-home-2/ template does not exist in your theme


    ok, i found the model
    But see pj

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    Did your location list have Madagasca?

    Theme take the location data that you created to display at that option list.

    Please check it.



    ok now

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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