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    I can’t find anything about the money transfer to a hotel when a costumer makes a booking.
    Where do I find the option for bank accounts?

    Thanks in advance



    If you use our Modal Booking for checkout, you are as administrator have to contact to customer about transfer money. It does not provide bank account to send.

    Also if you use Woocommerce Booking method for checkout, you can set up bank account in Woocommerce > Settings > Checkout tab > select the payment gateway and set your bank info to it.



    Thanks for your info.

    It’s not about my bank account but the account of the hotel owners.

    Hope you can inform me about that.




    All the money will send to your account. When partner require to take the money, you will transfer to them.



    I’m not quiet shure if I understand the payment process for a partner.

    I see that a partner has to fill in the email for his paypal account. Where is it for?
    Does a partner with own hotels receive the money directly?

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    To make partner get money directly and right after customer made payment, you can try Paypal Adaptive to do it.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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