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    Hi, i have a few problems with the traveler theme!

    1. Maps – the maps of the locations of Rentals, Hotels, Activities or Locations are
    not loaded.

    2. Membership packages cant be upgraded. When i sign up and want to upgrade a
    membership package it just loads the user dash again and cant upgrade.

    3. The hotel Show prices option is not working – When i select the checkin and check
    out on the hotel page of my website when i click Show Prices nothing happens.

    4. Pay Pal does not work either i tried setting up my paypal as showed in the
    description but i get an error message.



    1. You can follow our document to get new key of Google Map:

    Google API

    2. To upgrade membership package, partner must purchase a member package before then upgrade to other package. You can config the page for membership in Traveler Settings > Partner Options > tab MemberShip


    3. That is search available room to book then you can show price of each room.

    4. Please give me more details of the problem you have so i can help better.



    Hello Bryan, thank you VERY MUCH for the help. You have resolved the two problems with
    maps and membership packages.

    One more to go> Hotel rooms-show price option.

    So when i use search option for hotels on the main homepage (or the hotelpage> https://letsgotomontenegro.com/hotels/)

    and if i enter the dates say> checkin 09.03.18 checkout 19.03.18 and click search it shows me the hotel and the rooms but when i press the green show price button nothing happens.

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    It seem your browser cache caused that problem. When i search available room and show price by green button, it work well.

    Please check again.


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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