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    as i am basically building a bed and breakfast site I need rentals to have multiple rooms and also the possibility to select the number of rooms when booking.
    So in my homepage, the rentals search form does show the selection for number of romms (evene if it’s not actually working), but when i come to house detail and try to reserve from house detail form, the number of rooms selection field is not there any more.
    I attach some screenshot.
    Ase mentioned before, the form in homepage, does not work on room selection; for istance, I have created 2 houses in LA HABANA location, one with 1 room only, the other with 2 rooms. If I perform a search by selecting 2 rooms, the search list returns both of the rentals (I was expecting only the one with 2 rooms).
    Moreover, it seems I cannot differenciate prices between 2 rooms at the same rental.

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    Rental service does not like the Hotel service that you can select number of room to hire.

    Rental is more specific and smaller so you only need select number of people for that.



    Is there a way I can use HOTEL features in order to set-up bed and breakfast and then rename the label for HOTEL into RENTALS; I wuould need this just in the front-end, I can keep the back-end as hotel



    You can use Poedit to change some special words to other.

    Manual Translation

    Also you can check in hotel layout for some text element title.



    Hi Bryan, is not really a matter of translation; I’m trying to find a workaround to have some functionalities that were not deployed for RENTALS although I asked for it before buying the theme.
    So I would appreciate if you could support with a more specific reply about the issue I raised that sounds like: where do I change the label for HOTELS into HOUSES?
    I have seen that some customizing parameters are available in settings (I can change the label for the search form) but tht’s not all.
    Is there a way you can help?


    In the attached doc I show a place where HOTLAS and RENTALS are recalled to be shown. As you can see I was able to rename RENTALS to HOUSES in the search box, but that’s not enough.

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    You can change the hote word in url by change Custom base in Settings > Permalinks > Traveler Custom Base.

    With the hotel word in content section, you can find it in the hotel layout, hotel element title when you build hotel page but with some special word in the code(like your attached), you have to use Poedit to change it to Houses



    Thanks Bryan; so
    1) In settings, I set my language to english_US
    2) I changed some translation within the en_US.po
    3) I set the properties of the same file to english_US
    4) I saved PO and compiled to MO file
    5) I uploaded new en_US.PO and en_US.MO to website


    Actually it seems that it did work for same labels, but also it seems that many labels are managed by the theme outside of this PO file; I did all translations from word HOTEL into HOUSE; see attach

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    The 2 hotel words at the first image, you have to use Poedit to translate it but with the 2 other (hotel review, hotel near by), you can change it in Hotel Layout.

    it just the title of element.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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