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    My website runs very slowly (in general). And especially after pressing hotel search button on the front page. It takes around (30-55) seconds more than others sites (Booking, Agoda). PLEASE, tell me why and how to increase speed. (Note: I have VPS 2GB ram, 25GB SSD).




    There are many reasons why a WordPress website is slow. Our Faq will show you more details:

    My Website Is Slow. What Can I Do?



    The problem comes when I press search button for hotels on the tab on the front page.

    PLS be Noted:
    I am using your hotel’s demo (images, details etc.).
    When pressing one of the Top Destinations it is work very well (shows me the results in 4s).
    I did increase to 50GB SSD.

    I hope to find an answer from you.




    We will check and improve theme to make it load faster in next theme version.




    I used Query Monitor plugin to find where functions run slowly, and that plugin shows me below query takes 38s this TIME more than usual.

    SELECT ID, hotel_id, count(hotel_id) as total_room 
    FROM ( 
    SELECT ID, wp_postmeta.meta_value as adult_number, st_meta1.meta_value as children_number, st_meta3.meta_value as number_room, st_meta2.meta_value as hotel_id 
    FROM wp_posts JOIN wp_postmeta on wp_postmeta.post_id=wp_posts.ID and wp_postmeta.meta_key=’adult_number’ JOIN wp_postmeta as st_meta1 on st_meta1.post_id=wp_posts.ID and st_meta1.meta_key=’children_number’ JOIN wp_postmeta as st_meta3 on st_meta3.post_id=wp_posts.ID and st_meta3.meta_key=’number_room’JOIN wp_postmeta as st_meta2 on st_meta2.post_id=wp_posts.ID and st_meta2.meta_key=’room_parent’ where 1=1 
    AND post_type=’hotel_room’ 
    AND wp_posts.ID IN ( 
    SELECT room_id from( 
    SELECT room_id, sum(room_num_search) AS total_booked, room.number_room 
    FROM wp_st_order_item_meta 
    INNER JOIN wp_hotel_room AS room
    ON room.post_id = wp_st_order_item_meta.room_id 
    WHERE 1 = 1 
    AND ( ( check_in_timestamp <= 1530230400 
    AND check_out_timestamp >= 1530230400 ) 
    OR ( check_in_timestamp >= 1530230400 
    AND check_in_timestamp <= 1530316800 ) ) 
    AND st_booking_post_type = ‘st_hotel’ 
    AND STATUS NOT IN ( ‘trash’, ‘canceled’, ‘wc-cancelled’ ) 
    GROUP BY room_id Having room.number_room – total_booked < 1 ) as booked_table ) 
    OR wp_posts.ID IN ( 
    SELECT post_id 
    FROM wp_st_room_availability 
    WHERE 1 = 1 
    AND ( check_in >= 1530230400 
    AND check_out <= 1530316800 
    AND status = ‘unavailable’ ) ) 
    OR wp_postmeta.meta_value < 1 
    OR st_meta3.meta_value < 1 
    GROUP BY wp_posts.ID ) as room_data 
    GROUP BY hotel_id 
    HAVING total_room >= ( 
    SELECT count(post_id) 
    FROM wp_postmeta 
    WHERE meta_key = ‘room_parent’ 
    AND meta_value = hotel_id )

    Do YOU explain to me how to solve that?



    That is just a SQL code to get data following your condition. Theme has been improved loading speed in latest version 2.1. We will continue improve to make theme better in next version.




    Before waiting for your update, I mean which line of that query should edit/delete/ignore to escape slow mode.

    I have to start my project nowadays!!

    Thanks for understanding.



    We will update theme to make it work better in next version.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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