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    As i can the on your flight module is not integrated with woo commerce cart which was so there is not much we can do to customize it in our way. but i need a little customizations but i want a simple functionality on site.

    on flight results page when a user search for flights i want to customize the results like with of Economy and Business Class Option i want something like package 1 package 2 package 3 and package 4 and when user selects the package the amount should add with the flight ticket price in grand total.

    just tell me where i can do the customizations in themefiles or backend.

    Screenshot attached please look in to that.

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    Hello There,

    Unfortunately, we can not help you for that cause any kind of customize is not belong to Envato support policy as our policy.

    This case, you need ask for other 3rd party to custom for you.



    I dont want any special customizations just want to change the economy and business class to package.


    Hello There,

    Please give us more detail description for your request (photo attachment) as how would you like to change.

    I will see this case and ask to our Dev for you. Then we can give you the confirmation.

    Thank you for your kinds!




    i want to edit the search results and want to add more fields next to economy business etc please guide.

    i want to add more fields here with check box option
    i will do customizations if need just tell me where i can get the module pages to edit them.

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    Also what if i need to add other packages to flights module and want to add amount of package to Fligh Checkout Cart also guide me on this


    Hello There,

    After you saw your explanation and confirm with our Dev. Your case need to do customize that not belong to our support policy.

    Please ask for other 3rd party to do this for you.



    Hi, as per your explanation i have hired a thirdparty to do the customizations in my theme but they need a few information from your development team.

    1. We are trying to add Package Amount to Grand Total in Cart but when go through all the pages didnt find where the grand total variable is initiated.

    We are having issues with Jquery of this site please give us the Location of the Code so that we can modify it.

    Themeforest have a policy of proper commenting in code of themes but with this theme this is no proper commenting which is causing issues to our thirdparty please discuss it with your Dev team and guide us .

    I have attached the screenshots for better explanation.

    Also we did tried to perform changes on Traveler.js and custom_flight.js but no effect.

    also confirm the locations of jquery used for flight module.


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    Also Please Confirm these from your Dev Team..

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    Hello There,

    Unfortunately, we do not handle any kinds of information or issues that related with custom job.

    As I mentioned above that its not belong to our support policy, our Dev as informed that they do not access to check on this for you.

    Please stay with your Dev and we hope you both can done with this well.



    I am going to report your this to themeforest i did not asked for any special customizations was just asking something that has been done in your theme and want to know where the files were this was totaly your responsibility however i have made a report that bugs and issues with your theme and how you guys miss handle your mistakes.

    1. Your Code is not properly Commented! This is Against ThemeForest Policy.
    2. Files of theme are not placed in correct manner that makes it hard for users to use the theme accordingly.
    3. Your Support Theme has very unprofessional behaviour i just asked that a query has been used in theme and want the information about that which was again my right to know its not about your theme policy its about the themeforest regulations and Laws for IT.

    Going to Report your theme to ThemeForest on how your Support Team has miss handle.

    1 Start Ratting.


    All These are your Lame Excuses. what customization did i asked ???? just want to know how things are working in the theme how database is managed in backend none of these comes in customization which you have been continuously making a excuse about.



    I’m very sorry that you were unhappy with our product.​
    You can try to find the code for the right tab section for flight service in this file: /traveler/inc/modules/flights/helpers/application.php

    and this file: traveler/inc/modules/flights/views/content-flights-load-data-ajax.php​

    Hope this information helps.
    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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