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    Hello, I am facing 2 issues in the theme: Please help me with the points:

    1. I want to add ul, li in FAQ’s under tour section. How do I do that? 2. My Packages includes 3 hotel types basically 3star, 4star and 5 star? How do I show in tour page? I just want to show in table format below.

    Here is the url of my itienary page: http://www.finplus.co.in/paras/st_tour/4-day-mice-in-vietnam/

    3. I want your help with the map: I want to add something like this in map:

    How do I do this?



    1. The FAQ code structure is working as the same UL LI with Div. You can style it as you want.

    2. Unluckily, theme does not support that map style. You have to modify the theme code to get that.


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    1. You can set up your faq in Information tab of tour setting.

    2. The tour layout does not allow to custom the layout. So you have to custom theme function to display other content.


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    Listen brother, My time is getting waste. I know I can add faq from the tours but I want to show in the list which I mentioned in the comment and the author replied to mentioned in the ticket and we will do it for you.

    So after 3 long days we expect a solution and not question to precise. I have shared you all the necessary details and please get it done/



    Thank you for waiting. We have update this feature for you. Now, you can write HTML tag into FAQ section.

    Thank you.


    And what about hotels? How do I show that this are the hotels available in the package?

    I don’t want any selection but need proper formatting to showcase hotels in the itinerary page. Please give us an option for the same.

    If we can show in tabular form it would be great.



    That is custom data to allow you set up the content you want to show up. It is not the theme feature to load available hotel if it available.

    Thank for your understanding.



    1. We want to change the icons in the include/exclude section. Basically we want to add meals, accommodation icons in the include and exclude section. How do we do that?

    Please tell us a way??



    You can modify the php code for that icon. There are have 3 files with 3 tour layouts that you can find in this folder:


    Best regards.


    1. Can you help me out with the code on how do I add the icon, I am not good with code and we already tried but with no success.

    We want to assign multiple icons, and not single icon to the li. Hope it is clear for you and you understand my points.

    To be more clear and specific, see the below eg:

    Below is the list of my inclusion :

    Meals . — Meals icons will come here
    Airfare . — Airfare icon will come here
    Accomodation — Accomodation icon will come here

    2. for the booking the template is only showing from date and not to date:


    3. Under tours -> Custom hotel data (Please check the screenshot)

    Where is this displaying when we add nothing is showing on the website. Please update us on this part as well.

    Hope you give us all the solutions in the next mail as it takes a day for you to reply. Please give us the solution for all the 3 questions.

    THank You !!

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    Thank you for your waiting.

    1. That section is default layout so to change it, you need to customize code and we don’t support customize code in here. If you are developer, you can go to edit file with path below for 3 layouts to add your icon you want:


    2. We have checkd this issue and we will update this feature in the next version.

    3. Currently, theme does not yet support Tour Package with new layout.

    Thank you for understanding.



    First of all if you wanted to tell me this you should have not taken 3 days.

    I have not told you to do any code customisation, this should be a part of the theme as it is a travel website.

    I need the icons to be updated because my client wants me so please help me on that.

    2. Atleast solve this for me because I cannot wait for the next version to release as I have to make my web live.

    3. I know it does not support but how would I do it>



    1.3. The new theme layout is no supported to do it. You have to modify the theme code to get that. If you still want to make the function work, you can switch back to old theme layout and set up tour service to get that.

    2. The problem is still in checking. I will inform you after fixed the problem and help you quick fix it.


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