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    I have a WPML license and was not able to set it up correctly, so I have created 2 different directories… /(root)/ and /it/ .

    I have managed to translate half of the strings/words of the ITALIAN.
    However, I have been searching for over 2 hours to find all the rest.
    Please tell me where to look!!

    I have added this plugin which has helped so far … https://wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/ … but the remaining words I need to translate are not in the .po files!!!

    Some of the words are…

    Select = Seleziona
    Different Location = Luogo Diverso
    Hotel Rating = Valutazione Hotel
    Hotel Facilities = Servizi
    Hotel policies = Regolamento
    Hotel Nearby = Nelle Vicinanze
    Photos = Foto
    On the Map = Mappa
    Room(s) = Camere
    Available Rooms = Camere Disponibili
    Hotel Review = Recensioni
    price = Prezzo
    no review (in villas) = no recensioni
    Check Availability = Vedi Disponibilità
    Still Available = Disponibile
    Facilities & Amenities = Servizi
    Outdoor Facilities = Servizi esterni
    Rentals Nearby = Nelle vicinanze
    Discount Information = Informazioni sconti
    Pickup = Ritiro
    Dropoff = Consegna
    Number of Days = Numero di giorni
    day(s) = giorni
    Deposit percent = Deposito
    Deposit = Deposito
    And we will contact you back =
    Excursions = Escursioni
    of 5 = di 5
    Filter By = Filtra
    Attractions = Attrazioni
    Activity Information = Informazioni Escursione
    Activity type = Tipo di Escursione
    selected = selezionato
    select a day in the calendar = seleziona un giorno nel calendario
    Owner Description = Descrizione
    Activity Reviews = Recensioni
    No Comments
    5 days / 7 nights =
    trips = Viaggio
    Group Size = Gruppo
    Itinerary = Itinerario
    reviews = Recenzioni
    prices & payments = Prezzi e Pagamenti
    request to book = Richiesta di prenotazione
    YOU MAY LIKE = Potrebbe piacerti
    YOU WILL ALSO LIKE THESE = Ti piacerà anche questo


    Looking forward to your reply.
    Thank you!



    Some of words, you can find it in the Layout of service, in the Page, in Traveler Settings section. Some of it are special words that you have to translate via Loco Translate plugin or using Poedit.

    Manual Translation

    Before do it, you need to be sure that the language file (.po) has been updated to get full available word.

    My images will show you more details.


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    Hello Bryan,
    I have done ALL that that you show me.
    I also checked the ENGLISH and TRAVELER po files, and the translations I want are NOT there.!


    Maybe you can help me a little… for example, if you go here… https://www.mycreteholiday.com/it/search-result-hotel-3/ …you will see some words that need to be translated to Italian.

    Check In
    Check Out
    Filter By:
    Review Score
    etc, etc, etc

    Can you tell me please where you see these?? Maybe then I can understand and fix this.
    Thank you!



    With the check in, check out word, you can find it in Traveler Settings > Hotel Options > Search tab section > edit the title of fields.

    With the words in the filter side, you can edit the page > edit filter element then change new title.



    Hi Bryan,
    Thank you for your great help so far.
    We still have a few things that need to be asked (unfortunately we cannot find answers to these).

    1) please see here… https://www.mycreteholiday.com/st_hotel/a-0203/
    You will notice that the “On the map” tab is pre-selected. How can I change this to show the “Photos” tab first when I visit the page.
    I DONT know which page to edit for the hotels… please tell me.

    2) on the homepage, we want to show a list of TOURS (instead of activities). However, I wasnt able to find a VC module for TOURS.
    How do I do this please?

    Thank you!!!



    1. Please edit the layout that hotel using so change the tab position.

    Our document (include video) will show you more details

    Hotel Single

    2. Theme provide ST List Tour element to help you display list tour on the page.

    You can see my image to enable visual for layout, page…


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    Hello Bryan,

    Again, thank you!!!
    Sorry for contacting you again, but I have a serious problem this time (very strange!).

    This seems to be happening to the ITALIAN version …

    In many changes I make, these are NOT being saved!!
    When you click on SAVE, is seems to be saving, but when you check, the changes have NOT been saved.

    We had this problem before, and I changed the PHP max_input_vars = 3000 and then it worked, but this seems to be more serious now as I can only see it in the ITALIAN version.

    I have attached some pages that I tried to change without success.

    Please help!
    Thank you!

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    When i access your 2 page right now, the settings stayed there as your image attached.

    Please check again.



    Hi Bryan,
    Please see this new attached image.
    This is what I want to do.

    But like I said, I canNOT make changes anywhere!
    None of the changes (mostly related to Visual Composer I think) are being saved!

    Please test it yourself where I am showing you and add any data you want.
    You will see that the system will not save them.

    Please see this.
    Thank you!

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    Hi Bryan,

    Please ignore this last request. I think I have found the problem.
    It looks like it was a plugin conflict. I have disabled this and now it is saving.
    I will keep you informed if it is something else.

    Thank you!

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