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    Access data attached.
    This is an addon ticket for:

    Images are not shown



    You need contact hosting provider to check the image data url after switch to new domain.




    1. we dont switch the URL – it is still the same.
    2. as i said, i also tried to upload images completely new – nothing is shown

    So there is nothing i can ask the provider – its something i have to ask the developer.



    I will check and response you in this ticket:

    New Ticket (/forums/topic/504-gateway-time-out/ )



    no, these are 2 seperate tickets. This ticket here describbes the problem that galery images are not shown and the other ticket is about a 504 gateway timeout of a separate page.

    ….this support here is a bit exhausting πŸ™



    I fixed the 504 gateway issue in that topic for you.

    Please try to check again.

    Also please do not link to other topic in other topic. Just as your other question/issue related to current topic to get help better.



    πŸ™ but this issue here have nothing to do with the 504 gateway timeout.
    In this ticket here – i simply want to get my galery images work

    Please see here:


    Please focus to your other topic for this 504 issue.



    ? why
    ALL images are not working. The 504 gateway error affects only ONE url, so i dont think at all that the image / gallery bug that effects ALL listings/pages has something todo with each other…



    The problem is come from your rental tab layout.

    Please check my setting for tab now:




    Very interesting that all the discussions were superfluous before. You should really rethink the way support is provided here.
    This is more than rude and above all frustrating for all sides as the whole support is unnecessarily prolonged!


    Hi, Can i ask you a question? You are girl or boy? LOL….


    I think that both boys and girls would get headaches with this kind of support – so the question is actually nonsense. Frankly, I would also give more thought to how I could provide the customer with more effective and less frustrating support than if he were a girl or a boy ….


    It is just a funny question, right…

    Please contact if you have any other question so i can help.


Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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