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    is it possible to get notification for the admin when the hotel partner makes changes in the calendar ( availability, new date etc?)
    2) Partner do not get e mail notification when customer made reservation. I set up in Traveler settings this option and added partner e mail when I create new hotel but Partner does not get notification when client make reservation. ( only admin and client got message)



    1. Unluckily, theme only display a notification for admin in the admin dashboard when new service was created but when partner change date, time or content, it will not show anything.

    2. We recommend using SMTP system to sending email:

    How to get information accurately Gmail’s SMTP

    Thank you.

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    1. In order to make notification for admin when partner make change on any service, you have to change to code to get that.

    I am not sure about the price for this customize job. I just support theme feature. You can submit a request for us at https://shinehelp.shinetheme.com/custom-service/ so our dev team can check an help you do it.

    2. In single hotel, when you search available room for date 1-14, theme will check the available of your each room and see it does not have any room meet the require so it does not display room to book.

    Please check again.


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    We are recommend using SMTP system to sending email. Some of server has block email or using spam filter or some setting that make the the email can not send to Partner.

    SMTP can send all the emails normal.



    I have been trying to contatc with the customer service but I do not get answere. Do you know any differet way to contat with the customer service?

    best regards,



    You should contact your hosting provider to check it. I can not help you contact your customer service for your issues.

    Thank you.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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