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    I am interested too. Still, hesitate to upgrade the plugin to 2.7. Is it safe to update the plugin now?


    I sugest don;t update until official rilease from Shine theme ….


    Not Working


    Hi Guys,
    How can I change the font on the Traveler?



    Hi Brian,
    Can you help me please edit my Home page Image gallery slider
    I Really cant make it full optimized size
    I want it to look like https://atlasvoyages.com/ but only for tours
    Please Help

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    Hello, any resolution of this? My site breaks literally, no css structure, just code. Deleted plugins and I’m thinking of asking for compensation.


    Removed and reinstall with st_optiontree.


    Not sure if anyone is able to input availability? this is very bad for my website’s reputation, please provide us with a proper solution


    Is there a solution yet? The answer provided by ShineTheme does not solve the issue.


    Hi Author,
    How do I change the range of price at filter price (in hotel search page).

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    Hi, how are you? I had asked, Where can I delete the NEWSLETTER banner or the subscription column that I receive on the homepage? (TO SUBSCRIBE). and they replied that to solve this problem: “Hiden footer”: just add this code to Theme settings> Style options> Custom CSS:
    .mailchimp {display: block}
    I write because I have added the code in row 24 as they told me and that block does not disappear, you can tell me more clearly how to do it, I want that row to disappear with that SUBSCRIBE banner.
    Pisos Guay
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    Travel Booking WordPress Theme
    Item URL:
    Item ID:

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    I’ve installed optiontree v2.70 but it is still not working

Viewing 13 posts - 16 through 28 (of 28 total)

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