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    I would like to set up all Partner for free access by commissioning the site with 10% as a base.

    Attempting to do this setting always displays a message “Your package is expired”. I do not want this message to appear.

    How to configure?




    You can create new member package with “Time available” option is empty. You can refer my image to more details.

    Thank you.

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    I did just that.

    I want to create different packages for each type of service.
    When the user registers on the site, the admin approves and determines which package the Partner fits, thus preventing a hotel owner from placing other services other than the hotel.

    The same is true for other services such as rental, toues, activity, etc.

    How can admin direct the right package to the partner? I do not want the partner to choose the package.




    You can create membership package with service you want as the image previous. But if you do not want partner choose the package, the only way to do is you create new partner account, buy membership you want for that account then send account info to partner so they can login to use.



    ie the Partner does not register, the admin makes the registration and the first login choosing the package and then sends the access to the Partner, is this?


    Yes that is only way.


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    The best way to control is using option 2 that admin can control the commission. Partner can request increase percent of commission if they have good sale.



    Is this commission for Admin or Partner?

    I understand that the seller is the Partner and the commission is for the admin to maintain the site and win by disclose the Partner product, right?

    In this case, who has to assign the commission amount is the Partner




    The commission belong to Admin that take from partner money.




    For this reason I suggest implementing in future versions the possibility of the Partner choosing the percentage of the commission that should be paid to the Admin. Detail: In the configuration Admin would put a minimum commission percentage to receive.

    Ex. A Partner registers on the site a hotel. But in low season the Partner wants to increase the commission of the admin to encourage sales and in the high season, decreases the commission ..

    But the way it is, the package does not have the flexibility to choose the commission for the admin.




    Partner can select commission they want is a good idea.

    I will talk to our dev team about this feature so they can consider to update in future.

    Currently, partner can only select package that already have commission.




    I am happy to contribute to the development of the theme.



    I transfered it to our dev team. They can check and consider to update. I am not sure if it available in next release.




    After manual approval of the “Partner” he receives the approval email. But I do not want the “Partner” to choose the type of package. I want the “Partner” when signing in is already in the package automatically.

    I simulated a “Partner” registration. I tried to log in as a “Partner” user to make the option of the package even before the original “Partner” made their first login, but I did not succeed. For this I have to do this login with the password of the user and if I make some change in the password, the user can be suspicious of fraud.

    How can I put a Partner in a specific and free package without showing it to the user?

    The idea is to prevent “Partner” from choosing packages different from those they fit, thus avoiding false partner fraud


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)

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