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    i need to find a solution for payment processing. i bought the theme as i believed paypal adaptive payments was a suitable solution to this, but it turns out i can only use this with modal and not woocom.
    So i need –
    1. a customer to be able to choose a room/hotel and add extra services (excursions etc) so possibly multiple items at checkout.

    2. payment via paypal

    3. payment to be split automatically between website owner & partner

    how can this be achieved



    1. Only Woo booking method supported multi item in one time booking. You can refer our document bellow for more details:


    2. If you use Modal Booking, you can set up the payment gateway in Traveler Settings > Payment Options > Paypal. If you use Woo booking, you have to config payment gateway in Woo settings.

    3. Paypal Adaptive will help you do it.

    Adaptive payment methods



    thanks for reply.
    can’t use modal as need more than 1 item.
    woocom + adaptive payments don’t work, is their another option?
    evan using a 3rd party tool….
    need this sorted out asap.



    The option for Adaptive that your set up in Traveler Settings > Payment Options only apply for Modal method.

    If you use Woo method, you can config payment gateway for it in Woocommerce > Settings. It might required payment gateway plugin that woocommerce supported to work.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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