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    We have one problem with Traveler v 2.0.0 we have some user registered as partner but in partner list and partner activity do not show any activity. Number of partner is 0 when i have 5 partner registered. And when one user become one request to be a partner show to me one pending request but i can not see which user have been an request to be partner because when we click in pending partners shows 0 items. How we can resolve this problem because i very important because we can not check which user want to be a partner and we can not do all user as partner user.
    Those are screenshot from my partner panel and in panel statistic number of partner is 0 when i have approved two better saying i have changed role at all user list from author to partner.
    we don’t give any request message for being a partner

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    The problem is you have set default user role for new registerd to Author so there are no notification of partner registration.

    Please check your site again after i changed it.



    I see that you have registered new user at our site as partner but when i am going at partner list it is empty it shows 0 partners. We as administrator don’t have any information about partner list or partner request because in partner field all this are empty as we have partners


    We want to have listed all partners

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    Please with the plugins that you have installed you have rewrite changes that we have done in plugins and our file please use the ftp access that i have provide to you


    Hello Procodev,

    I have checked your issue but it doesn’t still work. Do you any customize code?

    Thank you.


    We havent had any customize code in this subdomain. we only have used theme options but from the first day it was not working we report this issue in envato market but only now we get one response from you.



    In this case, could i re-install latest theme/plugin version from us for you to check it.

    Please confirm.



    What you want Do install do you want to reinstall theme ?


    Yes that is my idea because i am afraid of there is some problem when you installing so that missing something.

    Don’t worry, all your setting will be the same.



    We don’t want to have changes in my wp-config file expecially


    Okay you can proceed but we don’t want changes in .htaccess, wp-config, and post that we have updated.



    Dont worry, all that setting will be the same.



    You will proceed now? Let know for all the updates.





    You site is getting error so i can not remove current theme to upload new one.

    Please see my image then check again.


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Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 82 total)

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