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    After choosing “Register New”, a page “register user” is opened…

    Unfortunately it is impossible to chose “Partner” option, also not possible to confirm Term and conditions tick…

    DO I need to enable some options or something?

    Best regards



    When i go to your page http://www.crazy-tourer.eu/register-user/, it auto redirect to home page.

    Please provide an admin account so i can help you check it.


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    It seem this 2 pages come from other website:

    Register User

    and http://www.crazy-tourer.eu/

    because of one of it have demo sticky at the top-right place and one page does not have it.

    The menu also still different.

    Please check again.



    Hi there…

    How do you mean – different page? (do not understand)

    We edited few pages to suite our suggestions..

    Please give us details, what to change..?


    May be the problem is your server cache.

    Please see my image for more details.


    You must be logged in to view attached files.

    Oh, I see… I was wondering, what these icons are for 🙂

    SO… what should I do?? Can you “remove it” ?


    Oh, now I see, what could be the problem… we transfered this page from one server to the other… Could this be an issue – we for sure did not “unload the theme registration on the old server”…

    We are keeping the old copy on the old server just for case… Can I just delete some pages/edit some files on the old server tu unlock it?


    Hi, now I deleted all files from old server, there is no “icons” at top right – see the attached file

    Still cannot choose “partner”

    You must be logged in to view attached files.

    Even further – I purged cache, deactivated it… now I cannot even reach login/register page… I keep coming back to first page…

    Please check: within “templates” in dashboard section, I cannot find “register user” template… where to check if it exists?


    SOLVED IT – reinstalled theme and now it is working..

    Additional request(s):
    – I just cannot manage to have the SEARCH form ONLY in TOP BAR… If I disable search in the header, it disappears also in the top bar
    – the same also for “login” –> we need it only in the top bar
    – also in the header – how to disable the amount (-€) in the header – we dont need it?



    I have configuared the header and topbar for you.

    With the last thing about amount (-€), do you mean only symbol € or also the word EUR or remove both of theme in header.

    Please description more details so i can help you better.



    regarding €: please remove it totally (amount+sign+text)…


    Did you changed something on the “slider”? Since it is not shown….



    I have removed the currency section in header for you.

    Also i have not touch anything in slider. As i can see right now, your slider still load fine.

    Please check again.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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