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    Hi i write you because i do not understand very well how the payment work see this real example.
    I do some real test with transfers. I book one room set in my website in 10 euros the total price this room belon to one partner name Casa Familia Escobar The comision for the partner i fixed in 14% and i also have declared a tax and fee tax=7% and fee=2% so
    When the client go to do the booking in the booking form in the booking details its show it the total payment value of 10,90 that means that the web site add to the value of the room show it the 7% in tax concept and the 2% in fee concept that’s is right. see the pic
    The problem is when i recieved the customer email there show me that all the details of the booking price but i dont show this informations to the client i only need show it to the guest that he pay me a total of 10,90 euros in this way
    Origin price======the price that i show in the room profile
    tax=================7% of the price before descripted
    fee==================2% of the origin room price.
    Also i want to show the same thinks in the invoice that the client see in his profile.

    2) for the email of the partner in the payment information i only need show this values the origin price that they have set in the property profile lees than the value of my commission for partners. in this case 14%. The same way do this for the invoice that see the partner in the booking details tab in his partner profile.
    somethis like this
    Origin price—–>Original price set in the website for his properties.
    Comision value —-> percent ho i discount of the partner.
    Subtotal—-> value of the 14%of the origin price
    Total to payment to the partner—–>origin price less that subtotal

    3)the same thinks for the admin

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    1. I tried to book your room and see the total price in Booking History still display. The only problem is the price in Invoice does not include Free. The fee price is just extra service so we does not add it to total price in the invoice. We just show it up.

    2. Unfortunately, theme will send admin, customer and partner the total price. It does not separate each money.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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