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    am running your theme on my clients site. two questions arise and I write as follows
    1. we have agent accounts with specific airlines, I need to link with the airline system such that our customers can directly get a ticket. after payment I will like to connect them to the ticket without delay. how do I make the link?
    2. while I have checked the options for accepted card for payments. non of them show up even after “book now” button is pressed. how do I activate the payment system?


    kindly respond before you go off for the weekend. am hard pressed to provide answers over the weekend



    1. The Flight service is offline service. You can check information of booking details from customer then you book online service for customer. If you want to use online method, you can try TravelPayout Flight service.

    2. Can i have an admin account to access your site to help you check this issue?


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    I hope you are there.kindly assist there


    Are you there bro?



    Please increase PHP Max Input Var to 3000 as our requirement to make the theme work properly then i can help you better.

    Also we can not find your site folder path in File Manager. Where is it?



    my php.ini file is set to max input variable is set at 10000. from what I can see. that should be past 3000.
    am logging out to allow you access. the wordpress site will be direct on the control panel just press login.


    max_input_vars = 10000. unless you talking of something beyond my knowledge



    I changed it to 10000 but your site http://eacopportunities.com is incorrect.

    If i login via blue host, it display: http://box5456.temp.domains/~eacoppor/ and these 2 sites are separate.

    Please check again.



    kindly use the second site. the one on temporary domain. not the eacopportunities.com


    please dont leave for the weekend before you have a look at it. i understand your time zone is very different from mine


    Did you mean this site: http://eacopportunity.com/

    You can check system status of that site after login here:


    It still show up 1000 even we changed to 10000.



    can you adjust the payment settings as I consider my hosting for future support?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)

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