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    1)-I have added 2 payment methods “Stripe” and “submit form”,
    but I want to hide ‘submit form’ for Membership package subscription, and keep only “Stripe”.

    And hide ‘Stripe’ for car booking, and keep only “submit form”, that means, Only “Stripe” activated for membership package, and only “submit form” activated for car booking.
    I know that’s possible to hide something like this using custom css code, so Please help!

    2)-Also I have this issue below so please don’t skip it.
    When I tried to pay for membership package using Stripe at checkout I get “This site has technical difficulties.”

    Thanks in advance!


    Hello Brahim165,

    Question 1: Now, Our theme is not supported yet.

    Question 2: Pls give account FTP. After that, I can check it


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    1. Yes the css code is a solution to hide the payment option in special page.

    2. I will notice @thoai to help you check it.



    Yes please notice @thoai because the stripe still not working specially on member checkout page, I tried everything without solution. I click on submit nothing happened at all.


    Hello Brahim165,

    Pls providing account FTP: IP, user, password


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    ???? 3days without any response



    It is a bug.

    We will check and fix it immediately.

    We are sorry for this inconvenience.


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    The problem is come from your child theme.

    The map is showing up now after i active parent theme.


    Please check again.


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    Did you custom any code in child theme that might caused the problem?

    we are not responsible for handling errors​ if you have for your 3rd plugins and customized code.

    Best regards


    Plz, Which files should I check???



    When you active stripe and from submit then it is shown in form checkout pạkage and checkout booking.
    You try install this plugin stripe again

    With Mapbox in car service, Because zoom is large. So, it is not shown map.
    We will update in version 2.7.5.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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