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    Hi, I have a mixed service template.
    I can’t seem to set up any payment methods as per your guide below, it does not give me the option?

    Payment Methods

    Please could you help?

    BOOKING, I am not sure what I have done, but I can’t get the booking form to open, it’s just going to the home page once to click it?

    The Blue room

    Please, could you advise?



    Did you install payment plugin as our document?

    Also please go to Page Options section to set check out page for your booking function:





    The setting is set in booking options with Woocommerce turn-off, The booking form was working and is currently not. If I click on Book it just takes me back to the home page?

    Also, none of the payment credit card optons appears?

    So at the moment, the form is not showing, or can I add card payment?

    Please, can you help




    Did you create and set up checkout page for your site as document?



    Sorry, I can’t recall as it was working already? Is it possible for you to take a look and help? I have spent 2 days looking at your document and not getting very far. I am keen to see my site up and running and I can’t move forward at the moment with these to problems?

    If you can’t help me. Am I best reinstalling and starting again?

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    Good morning,

    Just checking you have received my early posts, as I have not heard anything regarding my problems which I 1st contact you on the 9th April. Please can you reply the best way forward.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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