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    is it possible to have payment mode in each of the hotel such as like cash in hand or by bank transfer option like we can check tick or un-tick it .. ?

    also its possible to have travel agents system at the backend somehow? and also show in the front end in the search engine box?

    is there any way to integrate a comment box in the backend where we have 10 diff agents who are booking can leave their remark in the backend system and save their note etc?

    how can i close the no of adults and children instead just have number of person ?

    also when searching any hotel how can we set the price lower comes to the search engine at the top?

    is there any way we can move the hotels up & down according to the hotels preferences that we can bring it up in the search box inside the front-end website ?

    also i have managed to add the another tab in the search box but at the website backend i cant bring that tab in the dashboard with all the revel ant fields how can this be done for example .. ive added another tab by ‘wedding venues’ now i want in the wordpress dashboard under the hotels by ‘wedding venues and then sub categories of it ?

    pls reply me back asap. also if u can do the customization how much would it be ?


    Hello mediamaksuk1,

    Thank you for waiting.
    I will reply your questions below:

    1. About ‘payment mode in the hotel’, our theme do not support currently. You only can ON/OFF in Traveler Options -> Payment Options.
    2. i am not sure that i can understand this question. The theme support backend-editor for administrator and frontend-editor for partner.
    3. The customer can not access the backend system, so can not integrate a comment box in the backend.
    4. You can change the filter by price in the top filter bar. If you need to set to order by price, you need to cusomize it. So, you can give me your account (ftp + admin wordpress). I can help you.
    And, you can not order the hotels manually.
    5. You can try to save first time then you sort again. I think it will work.

    Sorry because currently we do not support custom service because we are focusing to complete the theme

    Best Regards,
    Hai Nguyen

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    This reply has been marked as private.

    Hello mediamaksuk1,

    I have fixed for you.
    1. remove scroll up function on hotel single
    2. set order by price is default.

    You can back up file inc/class/class.hotel.php _get_order_by_query() function when you update the theme.

    Thank you,
    Hai Nguyen

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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