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    hy guys, I hope you are doing well. I have a lot of errors in traveler theme which is live at road.bitlogicx.com. please visit the site and check errors by opening from menu, accommodation > other rooms> single hotel and please solve my problems. The following errors are give bellow:
    1-only submit form payment option appear in theme setting, other payment options not shown. i want to implement credit card payment method. please solve this issue
    2-Single hotel template errors (gallery pictures not shown “single hotel layout 1”)
    3-Room availbility calender error
    4-Nearby hotel error (nearby hotel pictures not shown)
    5- (datepicker.min.js:12) js file error
    6- (traveler.js:14468) Single Hotel js file error
    7- inbox notifications not working in admin dashboard and partner dashboard please check and solve this issue.
    8-how admin approve partners packages. please solve this issue also
    All screenshots are attached. Please check them also.
    please solve my all these issues. Thank you so much.

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    1. In new theme version, we has split payment gateway to use so you need install and activate payment gateway plugin as our document bellow:

    Payment Methods Please update your system and deactivate all 3rd plugins if you have then check again.
    3. That problem is came from option tree plugin version 2.7 but it has been fixed in new theme v2.7.1

    Please update your system then check again.

    Also remove current optiontree plugin and reinstall by new one to fix it.

    7. The ìnbox feature is not supported in modern theme layout yet.

    8. Admin can see the approval message in admin dashboard to approve the membership package.


    Thanks Bryan, it wokrs.


    You are welcome.


    “3. That problem is came from option tree plugin version 2.7 but it has been fixed in new theme v2.7.1”

    Hi, we have the same issue. Only with hotel room bookings, not with tours. We have version 2.7.1. (Traveler). Option tree = version 2.7.3. WooCommerce = 3.6.3. (You can check yourself, try booking a room at our website: https://hello-holland.com/icas-accomodation/ )

    What could cause this and how can we fix this?


    Hi HelloHolland,

    We will check and response in your ticket.



    Thank you Bryan, I didn’t know whether to make a new ticket or reply here. For the future I know how to do it.

    Awaiting your reply on our ticket.



    Please wait a few hours to get the response in your ticket.

    They post ticket first will get first help.

    Thank for your understanding.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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