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    Good afternoon

    It is not possible to activate the payment function with deposit. I have tried to configure all possible ways of payment with deposit and it does not work, I have also tried it with woocommerce deposits and it does not work either.

    Can you tell why it does not work?

    Pd – The access I send is sftp

    Problem 2

    Another issue is external links. Disable this option from the configuration of the theme and continues to appear the option when filling the forms of the activities.

    Please, how can I remove the external links box?

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    1. The deposit option when you create activity only work with Modal Booking method. It does not support woocommerce.

    2. You can use this css code in Traveler Settings > Styling Options > Custom Css to remove it:

    .container.bg-partner-new.create-activity #tab-price-setting .row:first-child .col-md-6:nth-child(14),
    .container.bg-partner-new.create-activity #tab-price-setting .row:first-child .col-md-6:nth-child(16),
    .container.bg-partner-new.create-activity #tab-price-setting .row:first-child .col-md-6:nth-child(17) {display: none !important;}



    good afternoon, I write to you by this same thread since you have the access data to access as an administrator.

    I write them because in the panel of the partner does not reflect the gains that are getting this same.

    the partners have obtained several bookings of activities and payments are completed and the changes in their control panel or in their gains are not reflected.

    Please can you tell me what’s going on?

    because they do not reflect the reserves completed in the panel with their respective gains for the partners?

    I send screenshot so that they can see that all profits follow 0 after receiving reservations completed

    Profits are not updated in the partner panel or admin panel

    The number of own activities is also not updated and it seems that the partner has no activities in the control panel. (If you access from my activities from the partner panel, if the activities created appear)

    I have checked this with several partner accounts and in all the same problem happens. It is not possible to see the profits obtained with their activities reserves.

    Please, I need you to give me a quick solution to this problem since I am late with the project.

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    We just release new theme version with something change in partner function.

    Please update to latest theme/plugin then check again.



    Good afternoon, after updating the theme, the problem remains the same.

    The profit panel does not reflect any gains or reserves movements.
    Please can you access my site and check it?

    You tine the data of access to the website

    Please see this problem.

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    The problem is you did not set exchange rate for currency so theme can not set price by currency.

    Please check again after i set it and change to right exchange number in Traveler Settings > Booking Options > Lista de monedas.



    Hello Bryan,

    We are using model booking (not woocommerce). Still, the deposit by percentage is not working. Can you help here, please?



    Hello, hope that can help you :

    I actually use woocommerce i had the same issue like you, deposits are not applied when i use it, so there is a woocommerce plugin which helps to apply deposits, please look for : WooCommerce Deposits/

    Good luck.

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    This ticket is too old.

    Please kindly create your own ticket so we can help better.


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