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    Hello conventocefalu,

    I checked to help you on browser Chorm on your site. But, not found a bug like an image on this ticket.

    You can send to our video description this bug.


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    The thing is that if you are logged in then it works but if you log out it does not work.
    Please watch this video https://drive.google.com/file/d/12Y2BeKC_m-ZG6ArrsbWx9ybyYBtU1puK/view?usp=sharing



    You can check it again.
    Let me result after that



    Unfortunately, it still does NOT work. I hope you understand that this issue is very big. Please fix it fast or the theme becomes worthless. Thank you.


    Good morning,
    This thread started one month ago and you were not able so far to provide any answer. Your last answer is almost one week old where you claimed to have fixed the problem but it was and it remains a big lie. We are all still waiting for your answer.



    We checked your site and found that you used WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Gateway Plugin. It not in the lists plugin we have tested with the theme.
    You can check in here for plugin support.

    Payment Methods



    Well now in the translated products I get this message: “Checkout is not available whilst your cart is empty.” Why is that? Please check it again and let me know as soon as possible.


    It only works in chrome if you are logged in but not as guest buyer.



    Unfortanately, Our Theme does not support this function at the moment yet. Please have look at our document for more information about support plugin payment method for woocommerce

    Payment Methods

    Thank you for your understanding.



    There is a huge problem with this website and we lost a lot of money because of it. IT you make a reservation in the Italian version it all works but if you do it in the translated one then it will not work and by checking out the message you get is:
    Checkout is not available whilst your cart is empty.
    Your cart is currently empty.

    Also, whenever you choose an excursion or else, the system will automatically create a product under Woocommerce. However, I only created products with “Activities”, “Tours” and “Cars” and not in PRODUCTS. Or should I also have created the products after “Activities”, “Tours” and “Cars”? However, how would I add prices in that case?

    What am I doing wrong? Please, answer asap as we are losing money, Thank you.

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    – This notice is shown form text of wocommerce plugin.

    – Auto-create product: The booking mechanism by woocommerce of the theme: Item product will be automatically created during the add to cart process.



    What is the reason why translated products in “Activities”, “Tours” and “Cars” do not work, that is they cannot be bought?
    Please, you need to solve this bug. Thank you

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    Sorry but I cannot read the answer !?
    Where is the private answer???
    Thank you.


    Hello There,

    Sorry for our late reply because been to our weekend and public holiday. Our Dev had checked and fixed this for you already.

    You can absolutely book your, activity, car from single service. Kindly, see our photo as attachment:

    Please have check again and let me know if any result please.

    Miss Thao

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