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    Yes you can book it but the problem is if you try to book in a translated language. It works in the original language (Italian) but it does not work in the translated languages (other than Italian). Please get back to me asap. Thank you!



    We checked with language French. And it is not worked with checkout.
    We can not access to dashboard admin of your site.So, we can not check to help you.
    Pls, Providing account admin


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    Sorry for reply late. We had a 3-day holiday summer at the weekend.
    Currently, We checked your site, Then the key api mapbox you are using up the number of free requests. Please update the new api key for all functionality on your site to work properly.



    Hello Tom,
    Can you explain this “We checked your site, Then the key api mapbox you are using up the number of free requests. Please update the new api key for all functionality on your site to work properly.”
    Sorry, I do not understand what I should do and how I should do that. Thank you.
    Best regards


    Hello There,

    Sorry for make you confuse in this, please have look at these confirmation bellow:

    – Your Mapbox API key that you are using has been over free request. Please create the new API key and config this for all functionality on your site to work properly.

    – Please refer this link of document for more detail:

    Mapbox API

    I hope you are clearly with my explain here, please let me know if any result.


    Miss Thao


    Good morning,
    it is not really clear to me what you mean. I already have a google api key for navigation. So why should I use Mapbox? My problem is only with booking in translated language and it perfectly works with the Italian version but not in all other languages into which the website has been translated. Do you mean that by adding Mapbox it will finally work for the bookings?


    Good morning! I have made over and over again the same question but you do not have the solution for this. The selling of translated products do NOT work. Please, let me know how to fix this. It really makes no sense of you to avoid giving the correct answer, Regards



    We checked to help you.
    We configured again
    And now it is working, YOu can check again.
    We have a video attached. You can check it.



    Hello! It works only HALF. I tried to book into any translated version without being logged in and I still get the same error of empty cart. What is the reason for NOT working unless unless you are logged in the website? Please follow up as soon aso possible. Thank you.



    We checked checkout when login. So, Checkout not empty.



    Sorry do not wait for a day to answer it. When you try to book something that is translated and you have not yet created an account, when checking out it will appear a message that the cart is empty. You understand what I mean? If before booking you logged in then booking will work fine. However, if you have not yet created an account before then booking will NOT work. Please, I think I have explained it well and you cannot pretend not to understand. We even want to make more similar website and buy more licenses but we are stuck with you because you avoid to solve the problem.


    Are there any reasons for not answering this question?
    Is this theme worthless in translated languages because of a huge bug or it works?



    Sorry for the late reply.
    We checked It is a bug. We have plan update this bug in version 2.7.7.
    Please follow the update version.



    This is very important. Follow up soon, please! Thank you.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 49 total)

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