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    Hi Bryan, we don’t customize any code for the theme, all the customization has been done following your steps and supported by this forum,

    I don’t understand about the latest theme version :S I just recently upgraded it, could you explain me about taking this action in order to get ready our backups for any case…

    i can see two completed transactions in our booking info but the other ones “incompleted” :S

    which procedure did you follow for the “completed transactions”??
    did you pay with PayPal’s account?? cause we don’t have transactions in our paypal account.

    why weren’t the other test bookings transactions completed?

    FYI, I´ve tried to book & pay with 3 different devices…

    thank you Bryan!

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    I use Sanbox feature with demo paypal account to make the booking. I checked on my localhost, our demo site and some of customer site and see the order still work well. The money transferd to paypal account well.

    But get no luck with your site. I will check again and inform you after found the problem.



    I thank you and await your reply.



    In the meantime, you can install theme on other fresh server or even localhost to check the payment issue.



    unfortunately we cant do that with other server, we only depend on shine support to solve this situation :S

    do you have any comments or progress about this issue?



    We have no idea of this problem yet.

    I just guess your current server block something related to transfer money or connect to other payment gateway to keep your website save.

    You can install theme package in localhost then test again. It will work well.



    Hi Bryan, do you still working on this problem?

    i just received an answer from my server (godaddy) and they tell me that the problem is not in the server, is not the only store using paypal checkout, do you have any other info about this problem, my web is not working as you promise, because im only responsible for put paypal info account in traveler settings, and that its done for me.



    This problem has been fixed in theme version 2.0.2


    Please update your system to latest theme/plugin then check again.



    i cannot upgrade, how can i do it?

    i have Version 2.0.1



    You can refer our document bellow to manual update your site:

    Manual Update Method

    Please back up your all customized code before update.



    ok thanks, how can I do that? back up all customized code



    Please copy your customized code to other save place or using Child theme for your custom theme functions.

    The best way to back up your site is contact your hosting provider so they can help you do it.



    i just updated manually my staging site and plugin info “traveler” still showing version 2.0.1

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    i have the version 2.0.2 installed already… the problem persist

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    The problem is your success page https://motorcyclerentalmexico.com/contact-us/ does not select Payment Success template so paypal can not complete the payment.

    Please select right template for your page then check again.

    Thank you.

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Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 34 total)

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