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    How are you doing? you have changed over all website.

    And unfortunately i have lost every tickets that i have made….


    i have some question, here.

    My hotel product has variety price range from weekdays to weekends.

    When customer check out, it goes to woocommerce cart page.

    Problems is that reservation summary shows price and number of guests is something wrong.

    Please see attached file, weekday and weekend price is different and when i check out, price does not match or apply in reservation summary on woocommerce cart.
    It might get wrong information to guest about price.

    How can i fix it?

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    I can see you have set exchange rate for each currency wrong.

    USD to USD should be 1 to 1.

    Please check again with other currency in Traveler Settings > Booking Options section.



    Thanks Bryan,

    your suggestion did not solve my problem…

    Primary currency is USD, and set 1 to 1 too. It did not affect any of it.

    The problem is room Price on reservation summary of woocommerce cart.

    It is supposed to show the price of check-in date, but showing the price set in
    ADD ROOM => ROOM PRICE => PRICING (which is also showing as minimum price)

    I do not know why reservation summary of woocommerce cart brings Pricing data of ROOM PRICE, Not from price of Availability.

    Would you please check out Again?

    If guest figured out on this problem, guest would wonder and might be unhappy issue on wrong information with final price.

    Thank you


    How long does it take to solve this problem??

    It this ticket method that i used in shinehelp.ticksy?

    i did not solve the problem yet.



    The total price is take by calendar price but woocommerce display wrong details. Dont worry, the total price is true.


    We will check and update it right away.



    Thanks Bryan

    Thank you for the checking with video recording.

    As you checked in our website, total price is correct, which is no problem.

    But as you can see, if you click booking detail, price does not correct from the calendar right?

    I hope you check and update soon for this problem.

    Thank you


    I have created a task to our dev team can check and fix it.

    Thank you.


    Woocommerces is showing $0.00 when I checkout. The price is set in Woocommerces

    see attach for setting & test checkout setting


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    The Flight service does not supported yet Woocommerce Booking method.

    Please change to Modal booking then check again.


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