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    I have different prices depends on the number of people. for example, for one person 100$ for 2 and 3 persons 80 $ and for 4-9 persons 60&, I have read and watched some tutorial but I couldn’t get how I can manage that only by discounting which I have to create many fields. is there any better way to manage the pricing. also, I have created the result page of that but it is only called the location search parameter and it doesn’t show the price depends on the number of people which are chosen by user, and only at the end of the booking form the user can find out for 3 persons how much exactly he should pay.

    Thank you for your support



    The discount by number of people only support Tour and Activity service. You can find it in tab Price.

    There are have 2 type of list:

    – Fields list discount by adult number booking

    – Fields list discount by child number booking



    Thank u for the reply,
    then the theme cannot work as a booking engine, right?
    Is there any plugin which has a full integration with the theme for doing a booking much more better than this, for managing the pricing section and have a better result depends on the pricing?



    What do you mean theme can not work as a booking engine? That is our theme feature to make the discount price for number of people in tour.

    So of course it will work well.

    Please check again.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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