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    I have a problem, I can not display Hero Slider with Weather Widget at this link http://newsite.booking-hotel-madagascar.com/booking-hotels-madagascar-news/, this is the page ‘Home. Yet everything is consistent according to the tutorial.
    Could you see the problem
    Thank you



    Please refer our document to create that header layout:

    Hero Slider With Weather Widget



    I actually followed your advice, but, this is not displayed on PC, but on a phone or tablet, this is displayed. Could you go to the site and see the problem

    see pj

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    I have created a demo page for you with necessary element for hero slider:


    Please check and compare with your setting.



    I copy the code of your page on the home site, but I have the same result.
    See> http://newsite.booking-hotel-madagascar.com/
    There must be a bug



    I can not find Page Template to select Home template in your page edit.

    may be one of your plugin caused this issue.

    Please check again.



    I have not solved my problem, which is surprising is that your model page works and that on the home site, it does not work



    Did you try to check by disable all 3rd plugins that theme does not require?



    I do not understand why this does not work on the home page and that it works on another page?



    Your homepage using a lot of element and some of it was created by 3rd plugins.

    It might caused conflict with our elements.

    Please check again.



    what is the 3rd plugin ?



    Please go to Plugins section and deactivate all 3rd plugins that theme does not require then check again.

    Traveler – Plugins


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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