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    Hi, i nedd help for the theme arc
    Problem 1: I try to install the child theme and wp send an error
    Problem 2: with the arc theme and content installed, the menu does not work (link to id does not work) and the page not scroll
    Problem 3: the demo not install any image in the gallery (arc theme)

    If you check the console page on firefox, I see many and many problems

    Aruba server



    You can refer this document to install theme and required plugin:


    And also following the copyright of image author, we does not have permission to give the image to other website or data. It can only use in demo site of theme. So we changed it to default image.

    Please check the settings and upload your image to use.

    Thank for your understanding.

    Best regards.

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    Please provide the error that you see so i can help you check and fix it.

    ALso we just support theme features in this forum. About the refund request, you can refer the refund policy of envato and contact them for more details:



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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