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    As you can see, in desktop mode, text is white, in tablet and phone mode, text turns black. How do I change this? Maybe some settings? Please advise.



    You can use this css code to fix it:

    @media (max-width: 992px) {#slider-home-wrapper p.about-description, #slider-home-wrapper .section_title p,#slider-home-wrapper a,#slider-home-wrapper h1,#slider-home-wrapper h2,#slider-home-wrapper h3,#slider-home-wrapper h4,#slider-home-wrapper p,#slider-home-wrapper small,#slider-home-wrapper li {color: #fff !important; }}



    Do I update the style.css file? Is there a particular place in the file I should place this?


    Thanks, this is working now, But there’s still one last issue.
    On iPad (9.7″) running iOS 11, when I have the browser in full screen, the text in the main page changes from black to white. It blends into the background, so it can’t be seen.

    The text is black when there are 2 windows open, but in full screen, the text turns white.

    I’ve attached screenshots.

    Another questions, can I change the background color (it’s white by default).

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    One other thing to note is that the problem only happens when the iPad is in landscape mode. In portrait, it’s working ok.


    Text cannot be seen in iOS (chrome & safari)
    The text is now completely invisible, either in portrait or landscape.
    It also doesn’t work when full screen or split screen.

    Seems like it is worse now then before. However, it’s working fine on Android.

    Is there some additional CSS code I can try? The previous code seems to have fixed Android but made it worse on iOS.


    I’ve changed the body text color and it looks like this solved the problem. However, my menu text is not visible. Even though i set it to black, but I still don’t see it.



    May be the cache of browser caused the menu text problem. When i view your site today with Chrome, the menu display well in black color.

    Please check again.



    Thanks very much, yes, finally it’s looking good now in iOS.

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)

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