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    Hello ,
    I need your help again.

    1. I would like to ajust maksimum person per property, 4 person . After that if I put for example possibility for 4 adult and 2 kids when I create a new property, when someone would like to book and put 3 adult and 2 kids system to say ” sorry but apartment is for 4 person ajust your quantity of person or change your search/ or start new search doesn’t matter.

    2. We have a security deposit that is diff for every property. How can I arrange that when I create new property. I did’t see that like possibility bur for us is very important. Is it possible just to block that amount without do transaction or some other solution.

    3. We have a city tax that is by person bu night. Any ideas for that.

    4. I would like only registered users to have a possibility to book.What do you think?

    5. We have a flexible politics for booking so I can order apartment for two night from 11/11/17 until 13/11/17 and standard check out is 10:30 so normally we have a Clients that book same flat in 13/11/17 from 15:00 o’clock. How to do that here.

    6. I have a problem that is very dangerous. I booked same flat for same dates and system accept that. Because I did’t simualate real payment I confirmed reservation first and have tryed again succssesfyly. Do you know why? I in calendar I didn’t see date like already reserved.

    Thank you !





    1. Currently, theme will search hotel/room by property. If you have any service meet the property, theme will display on the result list.

    You can use Poedit to change the notification message.

    2. In latest version theme, we does not use Deposit by Amount option anymore. There are have only Deposit by Percent that count by total price of the order.

    3. Theme only set the tax with total price of the order. It is not set by night or by persion.

    4. You can set up this feature in Traveler Settings > Booking Options > Allow guest booking.

    5. You can turn off full day booking feature in your hotel edit. User can continue book the hotel/room.

    6. It depend on the remain room/flat of your. If you still have available flat, customer can continue booking.


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    1. Currently, the rental only display the information of room like people, bed, footage.

    This is an example: https://travelerwp.com/rental/spacious-3-bedrooms-apt-near-champs-elysees-avenue/

    2. User can not select the number larger than limnited number of Adults and Childs in your rental settings.
    For example this rental: https://travelerwp.com/rental/lovely-parisian-apartment-in-an-authentic-parisian-setting/

    I have limit the number of Adult to 6 and Child to 4.

    Please check again.



    You don’t understand me or I can’t exlaine you.

    In my site I can put only the number of properties and adult and kids.

    So I have apartment for 6 ok. They van be 6 adult or 6 kids ot 3 aduld and 3 kids doesn’t matter but max people 6. that doesn’t work.

    If I put 4 adult and 4 kids I can put both for 4 .

    Please you can access in my site and see Sea View Apartment in Rental.

    That apartment is for 4 person. I am ready to pay for some developing of that theme if I can.

    Try to ajust is for me please!


    the apartment is for 4 .

    They can be 1 adult and 3 kids or 4 adulls.

    If I put 4 adult max and 3 kids max cause they cannot be alone in apartment and I save that parameters. if I would like I can book 4 adult and 3 kids and system will accept that. That is very stupid. I need more possibilyties in rental information and rental options.



    There is no setting about total of people in the rental. It have only max of adult and max or child.

    If your rental available for only 6 peoples, you need set max of adult and max or child and sum of it to be 6. For example 4 adult, 2 child or 3 adult 3 child….



    That I understand Bryan , And you told me that you are not ready to develope your theme even if I am ready to pay for that small changes?



    I just support theme feature in this support system.

    You can submit your customize work at this: https://shinehelp.shinetheme.com/custom-service/ so our dev team can check and help you do it.

    or if you have any idea for theme or any new feature that good, you can suggest us at contact@shinetheme.com so we can check and update it to theme in new version.

    Best regards.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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