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    I have the questions if the admin dashboard have the statics of all the partners because if is this i already have done some bookings in my web site for test the partner dashboard show the net earing and the statics well but the admin dashboard dont show any statics its that rigth or is a bug Can you check this please



    You can check the partner statistic in admin panel. It will show the full info.



    ok brian but let me askyou something because i dont know very well where i can see the money that the partner payme for his booking where i can see the statics of my ensurence
    See in this site i have two bookings made for the partners but i can not see this values for any place even in the partner statics Its that rigth
    Also i think that you show the estatics for the number of partner register bu i want to see the statics for the bookings of this partners ans the money to payme

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    To see the money payment, you should login as administrator, go to user dasboard (click on the name right next the user avatar).

    In the user dashboard, you can see the total money.



    Dear Brian sorry if i talk a lot about this topic but i dont understand very well how the theme work by the way its a really good theme but let me explain you very well my problem you well see i use your theme like one mediator betwen my partners and the guest but in your theme you have a comission for the partner this is true Happends that in my profile lke admin when i go inside to the theme i see the statics
    Net Earning This Month, Your Balance, and Net earnings this statics i supposed that one time that one client make a booking to any partner this statics for my should be increase but do not work in my web site i already have some test bookings made of one of my partners there are complete but my sttatics in the admin dashboard dont change the value who show it still be 0 can you check or expleain me better how this work????



    All the statistic details will show in user dashboard (including admin, partner).

    Please check again.


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    Currently, theme will send the true total price for admin, customer and partner.

    In order to change total price for partner email, you have to change the code.

    Thank for your understanding.


    Brian but the problem with the admin dash board isn’t the custom code because i try with your theme without the child theme and happen the same thing also its the same with the cars transfers layout check this please


    I have checked and responsed this issue in your other ticket.

    In that ticket, i tried to book a service and see the price still display well.

    Please check again.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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