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    Good morning i want to said you the thanks for all the help that you give me See i know that some time i ask for the same thinks or similar and also i know that you had responsed all my request i dont have any dude that you do it but yesterday i upgrade my version to the new version 2.0.1 and a lot of your changes was losit or now i ca not see them my intentions its not make you fell unconfortable and i realy sorry all this but you migh understang that i dont have the knolage for fix all this problem. Thanks for your help
    for example
    1) in the grid search form of the main screen only keep the style of the transparent background with all the text in withe for the tab Cabs the other services tab lose the style. The same happen in the activity nd cabs pages where only some field keep the style the transparent bacground and white field texts.
    2) I able the captcha validation for the form that you provided in the new features theme of the 2.0.1 version but now in the login page i can register or ,log in even when i dont pree the field of the captcha its that rigth. Also the register page its dont show me never just show a white screen never finished the load the page components.
    3) In the new theme features documenttion you said that you add a new service called transfer but in my theme after the update it i never see any option or feature of this new service even in the traver config menu is show it like a service for i activate or deactivate and dont showme of course any search for this feature its that rigth.
    4)I have set the icons whit my main navigation menu thanks to you the icons are showhen but i have the problem that for the menu ITRAVELTOCUBA i set the css clas fa-mause-pointer an the icon its never show it
    5) When i wish tho cre



    I have changed all things for you in your other ticket.

    Please check again.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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