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    a few questions

    We want translate Traveler in French, or website is only in french no WPML so We edited the Fr-fr.po file which we found in the files of the theme now to change in French how should I do ?

    Tour layouts cannot be changed with WPbakery ?

    id like to delete the google map in the layont in the tours

    We propose Tour which are half day and full day is there any option choose hours in the calendar for my customers I hope you get what I mean



    1. If your site using only one language, you can set the language at Settings > Generals > Site Language.

    With some special word in theme, you can use Poedit to change it to French.

    Manual Translation

    2. You can enable WPbakery for other post type at Visual Role section. My image will show you the way to do it.

    3. When you create tour and config calendar, you can use Start time for your tour and customer can select it.


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    Thank you Bryan

    Then now i ve my .po file in French but how to upgrade the site I just have to delete the theme in WP and upload the new file ?

    As well how to configure the calendar ?

    Thank you very much Bryan your help is really nice as always .


    Oh I tried to edit with Bakery even I did put the permission to edit the layout when I click on edit Bakery doesn’t work and blank page pop, then I tried directly in the page of a tour but I cannot see the calendar or the google maps only the text description of my tour.


    Sorry an other question is possible to make the only the partner part in English even the website is in french without using WPML ?

    Thank you



    When you download the .po file from your live site, you use that file to replace the file in new theme package and update it to translate new words. After translated, upload to live site and replace again to apply all translated words. Following this way, all your translated words before will be save.

    Also i can see the visual composer work well with your tour and layout. Please description more details what you have so i can help you better.



    I guess Is not a problem with visual composer I mean When I want to edit a tour layout with VC I have only the description of my tour the calendar and other stuff doesn’t appear in the builder is there any way to make them appear in ?

    as well I ve this question

    Sorry an other question is possible to make the only the partner part in English even the website is in french without using WPML ?

    thank you Bryan



    In my check, the visual and other tab content still display well when you edit.

    My images will show you more details.


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    Wasn’t really what I asked anyway I found the solution by myself

    I back on the translation

    I did the manipulation to put the .po file with the translation in French but the modification don’t appear as well in file there is a tons of other language .po and .mo but not translated and still one which named traveler. Then how to activate the file ?

    Thank you



    The traveler.po file is default language from us. You need open Friend language and translate words in it then upload to your live server in same folder.

    Also the .po file always come with .mo file. You must copy that both files at the same time.

    Manual Translation

    Thank you.


    OK thanks

    Question is there any way to make a partner part only in english without WPM, even my website isnt in english ?



    The partner dashboard using default site language to display. There is no way to make it display in other language and it different site language.

    Thank for your understanding.


    Thank you very much for all those information

    All my problems are good now thank you.


    I use Loco translate

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